So, Rein and I decided to have a little compo. To learn DirectX and make something cool. The first thing I've been able to come up with is a remake of an old game that used to go by the name of 'VGA planets', not the VGA planets, mind you. With such a name, it's just not possible to find in amongst the birdmen and the borg ( I think they've assimilated the original).


We have a bunch of planets which remain stationary, players' space ships which are fitted with inertial drives which can be turned off. A ship has fuel and a gun. The gun fires a round that is influenced by the gravity of the planets. The goal is to fire a round that hits your opponent. Probably turn based unless I can figure out a good way to balance timing of firing and try to stop dodging.


Based on my initial thinking I'd like to include these features:
  • bump-mapped planets
  • point sprites spinning into the active player
  • glowy bullets
  • tracers
  • asteroids floating in and around the space
  • side-scroller-esque (or ala crimson land) power ups
  • a pong mode (bounce shields around planets)
  • did I mention glowy bullets
  • maybe some different guns
  • and npcs to feast on
  • landing on planetary bases/docking with orbiting stations for bonuses is hard but rewarding
  • teleport uses a full tank of fuel
  • network play
  • zooming battle field
  • visual of each players ship at full zoom in the corners


Draw grid for gravity, green standard, bending in and getting darker, and bending out and getting yellower for anti-grav. Tilt-based thrust, optional gyro for stabilising; a gyro should align you to the field at that point.
  • elastic physics - springs and things
  • tilt to steer physics