On day 2 of the Cape Town Scrum Gathering (a.k.a. Scrum Safari) there were a few lightning talks in the afternoon. I was lucky enough to nab the last slot.

Patrick Vine was at hand to capture the talks and they were posted on vimeo by the sugsa committee.

I've collated links to the talks on vimeo with my (somewhat terse) notes from the gathering.

Annu Augustine: Saying No

Step 1: Don't say the word no!
Instead: not now, let's explore, what if?
Listen, understand context, then use the same language
To motivate prioritization, show lack of connection to the goal
Watch Saying No on vimeo

Cara Turner: Achievable Goals

Maybe we achieved it?
Cara took us through how to frame a goal to assist success.
Watch Achievable Goals on vimeo

Brent: Agile Success

How to tame the dragon: we can't tame a two headed dragon
Client induction is important to get on the same page
Working software is different: "We don't build ships like this" -- indeed.
Agile Success

Pat Vine: Fixed Price Scrum

Why? The customer wants:

  • to know cost
  • to reduce risk
  • requirement for tender
Fixed cost helps some things: scope, date.
Backlog management? + on the end
Watch Fixed Price Scrum on vimeo

Carlo Kruger: Your sprint review sux

15 minute tester demo of the sprint!
Ken: no applause please, we're just doing our job. If we pattern praise, bad things won't come out.
Purpose of the review is to inspect and adapt the product, we need to be exposed to failure to expose learning.
If we raise the stakes, we remove space. Rather remove untrusted people.
We are inspecting the work of the whole team in a facilitated conversation.
Format: Set stage, gather data, generate insight, choose focus.
Watch Your sprint review sux on vimeo

David Campey: Agile Contracting

Check-in: who has seen their contract?
There is a tension between customer collaboration and contract negotiation.
We do team weeks with money for nothing, unboxed does pay for points, Gabby Benefield is suggesting a series of fixed price projects.
Some inspection of our contract.
This talk relates to my agile contracting series.
Watch Agile Contracting on vimeo

All in all a great storm of lightning to spark off new ideas. See you at the next gathering?