In this series of blog posts I'll be posting the content of my recent talk at SUGSA Cape Town. Read Cara Turner's Event Report for a good overview.

These posts will be mainly based on my original speech notes; the video with actual content will be up at some point soon.


My fellow software developers.
It gives me great joy to be looking out at people who care about getting better at creating software.

Tonight I'll be talking about contracts. Huh? Has this guy not read the manifesto for agile software development? we should be talking about customer collaboration, not contract negotiation, right?
Maybe. Just maybe I'll show you how our contracts can facilitate customer collaboration.

Tonight I will share with you
  • some of my insights into the manifesto for agile software development,
  • then give our contracts some of our own medicine, to see how we can get them to jump through hoops
  • how this works at Information Logistics and
  • then finally present a few financial models that support agile contracting.


These will be linkified as soon as they're written, for now they're promises.
  1. House of agile
  2. Our own medicine
  3. Information Logistics — company
  4. Financial Models — graphs based on Peter Stevens' 10 Contracts

More talks

I've subsequently presented some of this material as a lightning talk at Scrum Safari 2011. It's also been proposed as a topic at Agile Africa 2012