What're we doing in the CodeSpeed re-write? Well, to get us all on the bus, in our first iteration we started off the first day with an inception deck.

The Inception Deck

As discussed in Jonathan Rasmusson's Agile Samurai:

Many projects get killed before they even get out of the starting blocks.
This is mostly because of the following reasons:
  1. They fail to ask the right questions.
  2. They don’t have the courage to ask the tough ones.
So, seeing as we're a courageous bunch and wanted to avoid the fail, we started with an inception deck.

Why are we here?

This project is funded by the PSF and donated time from Information Logistics and is beeing overseen by Maciej Fijalkowski.
The answer we came up with to the question "why are we here?" was:
Because PSF likes us enough to rewrite codespeed
So that: it has tests on python code and javascript that let you do TDD
So that: Maciej or any interested dev can easily test and implement a feature in an afternoon... and know the answer to: "Does it work?"

Meet the Neighbours

IL Team: Matt, Malte, Dave
PyPy devs: Maciej, Alex, ...
PSF: in particular: Jessie, Brett CPython test
Greater Community:
Twisted: JP Calderon,
Apple: Glyph,
CTPUG: Simon & DavidM

Show the solution

"munch munch munch" -- fijall

Technologies we chose to get started:
  • cyclone io
  • mongo db
  • angular.js
  • d3.js

What's going to give?

We'd rather deliver features more slowly and have tests, quality is very important. We are building dev tools here.

The product can be extended after we're done with this phase.

What's it going to take?

We have 6 weeks
1: API serving, receiving uploads
2: First graphs
3: ++
4-6: Smart search, statistics

What Keeps you up at night?

Not much really, Excited.

Elevator Pitch

For maciej, codespeed2 is a benchmark run visualiser that lets you understand performance.
Unlike codespeed it is extensible.

And, we're off!

With that quick summary done, we all headed off into the first week.

In the first week: we got the backend up and running, accepting all the different formats from the runner and persisting to MongoDB. Check out bitbucket.org/pypy/codespeed2 for the blow-by-blow.

Next post: week 2 update.