First Graphs

In week 2 of CodeSpeed2, the rewrite of CodeSpeed for pypy and the PSF, we got our first graphs up.

Malte & Matt just having coaxed a benchmark run into the first bar chart

By the end of the week, we had the first cut on three graphs.

Revision timings

Normalised data

History graph

These are being drawn from bench mark runner output data submitted via the Cyclone endpoint, persisted to MongoDB, fetched from the API, represented in an Angular.js object and rendered with d3.js.


The API is served up via Cylcone and so far we have the endpoints below.





For usage details, tests are in /src/test in the repository


Also in this week we had some meaningful discussion about what terms mean in this context.

Best summarised in the following sentence:
The runner runs Benchmarks (which are Modules e.g. and produces Benchmark_Runner_Output data which contains [one or more] BenchMark_Results
A key observation: the system under test is pypy and the modules (e.g. ai) are the benchmarks being run against that.

Up next: User Experience / Flow

In the next week we'll be crafting a first take on how users select and navigate data. D3 gives us some interesting options for hyper-linking in the SVG itself.