All of us at Information Logistics took the break from routine to take part in the Scrum Safari. My mind's still processing the influx of conversations from last week's gathering in Somerset West.

Excellent event as usual, well done to the committee and everyone else who helped out in some way. And thanks to all who came along and made this event great.

Outline of my experience (speaker details):

Day 1

  1. Welcome with Austin / Mitch
  2. Boris Gloger's keynote on Agile and Management
  3. Sigi's Leadership talk
  4. Manoj: "It's about the culture, stupid"
  5. Serious Play with Thorsten
  6. Evening chat
Day 2
  1. Scrum clinic - was both doctor and patient
  2. Lightning talks (with a pop-in at the Agile Jazz and Games sessions)
  3. Lean vs Agile keynote with [x]
  4. Team game of pool to wrap up

This little red scrum user group book is already sporting twenty-five pages of notes to process, so I'll be attempting to linkify the above list with posts over the next few weeks at some point.