In the past we've had the problem of "zoodling" at stand-up ("What to do when scrum doesn't work" Henrik Kniberg SG Cape Town 2010) because you're not quite sure which tasks you've done in the last 24 hours.

One suggestion is only moving tasks in standup; I find this most unsatisfying. It's great to be able to move that damn task in the heady joy of your victory dance.

A small innovation that has made a big difference on our task boards is adding a "Done since last stand-up" column. Move your item there on completion, and it sits there, glowing with goodness for all to see, until the next stand-up.

Done since last stand-up in action

At the next stand-up you just hunt for your initials in that column and you know what you've been doing.

That is if you were actually working on tasks on the board, if not, well it helps to bring people back onto the board, we like our work to be visible.

It also helps to make it visible when people have "gone dark" or their task is taking too long.

And immediately after stand-up the tasks can all move into the Done column.