For the last while we've been building and putting the finishing touches on our new offices at the Gatehouse in Century City.

The main event is three 20 square metre team rooms. The rooms are visually connected with big glass windows but have closing doors for when things get rowdy (or sensitive).

It's all shiny and new-smelling, the aircon/heating works wonderfully (how often do workspaces miss out on that crucial detail?!) and we have our foosball table plonked in the middle of the common area.

Building has beautiful internal spaces, (scary) talking elevator, wheelchair accessibility, smart lighting, across the road from the Colosseum mini-mall and is a brief walk away from Canal Walk.


Today was officially my first full day at the new offices. I spent today pairing with Luke on some enhancements to his project. We set up a mini task-board and happily hacked the day away.

Looking forward to growing our company in the new space.