Last night I ran through a basic tutorial on Fitnesse and .net. It went a little something like this.

Download and run Fitnesse

Download, double-click. And then...

Huh? I double clicked the jar file, got a question about enabling network comms, and nothing else happened.

What had actually happened was some files were extracted and the server started running and listening for connections.

Best plan for getting started is to run it as above from the command line using "[path to java bin]java.exe -jar fitnesse.jar

Create a test page

The tutorial pointed to FitNesse.DotNet.DotNetFitServer, which is an empty wiki page. Throwing caution to the wind, I bravely soldiered on.

All looked fine until I clicked the test button and was presented with a nice red X in the upper right corner, clicking on which yielded the detail: Cannot run program "fit.FitServer": CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified, which I was pretty much expecting, so off I went to find a suitable program.

I downloaded both FitSharp and FitnesseDotNet because I couldn't tell which would be right for me. Updating the TEST_RUNNER to the full path to the FitServer.exe from the FitnesseDotNet distribution did the trick (FitSharp is for slim testing and has a different COMMAND_PATTERN and TEST_RUNNER).

Create & Hook fitnesse to the .net Class

Initially fitnesse couldn't find the type in any of the loaded assemblies. Removing the namespaces (as per a useful comment), got it to hook up, and I did a little "dance, or a jig".

Get to Green

Well, not quite green because one of the quotients in the table is incorrect. But the tests shows up this as an incorrect result.


Next step is figuring out what fixture to use to get complex types into fitnesse.